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Get Fireplace TV

Transform your flat-screen TV into a source of pleasant warmth that creates a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. You won’t have to worry about soot, cleaning out the fireplace and preparing firewood. Our virtual fire is especially well suited for vacation time. The videos have been recorded with the help of modern HD technology. Read on to see how much our clients like Fireplace TV.

>> DOWNLOAD – buy here from $4.99 USD <<

Compatible with a lot of TVs!
For example from this manufactures:

Fireplace Toshiba Leading Innovation Logo Fireplace Samsung Logo Fireplace Philips Logo
Fireplace LG Logo Fireplace Sony Logo Fireplace Sharp Logo

Fireplace TV preview

Choose from various fireplace styles and screen resolutions for your TV. All hearth fire videos can be played as an infinite loop.

You may choose between different fireplaces versions:

Product-details download version:

  • Start enjoying immediately
  • 3 different fireplace styles to choose from
  • High Definition 720p, 24fps playback
  • Quicktime Player and iTunes compatible file (.m4v) for Apple computers
  • Windows Media Player file (.wmv) for Windows PC’s
  • AV-Streaming-Box and AppleTV compatible
  • No background music, just the natural crackling of the wood
  • Infinite loop playback possible
  • Loop duration ca. 10 minutes

>> DOWNLOAD – buy here from $4.99 USD <<